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1 dead in a collapsed parking garage in Lower Manhattan

Picture courtesy: AP

On Tuesday afternoon, a four-story parking garage in lower Manhattan collapsed, killing one person and injuring five others, according to the New York Fire Department's operations chief.

The building "pancaked" all the way down to the cellar floor, says the NYC Department of Buildings Acting Commissioner. Authorities believe it was a structural collapse. Due to the building's instability, the FDNY used a robotic dog and drones to search for people inside. FDNY Chief of Fire Operations confirms that everyone seems to be accounted for, but they continue to search the collapsed cars.

A Pace University freshman who heard the collapse and saw smoke coming from the garage shared a video from his dorm on the 7th floor, which showed multiple damaged vehicles. One worker was trapped on one of the upper floors but was rescued by FDNY officials.

The cause of the collapse is under investigation. The building had no open violations or active complaints before the incident.

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