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10 People killed in Ireland gas station explosion

Picture Courtesy: AP

A gas station explosion in Northwest Ireland killed 10 people including two teenagers and a young child. The Irish police said that among the 10 dead in the blast in Donegal were four men, three women, a teenage boy, a teenage girl, and another younger girl. Police said earlier that eight people had been injured.

The explosion took place around 3 pm local time at the Applegreen petrol station on the outskirts of the village of Creeslough. Police said it was a ‘tragic accident’ and the largest number of civilian casualty seen in decades in the region.

David Kelly, Superintendent, said, “This is a tragedy for our community. There are families left devastated. I want to offer, on behalf of myself and my colleagues that attended the scene, our very sincere condolences.”

Irish Prime Minister, Micheál Martin, said, “It is absolutely devastating and quite shocking in terms of the enormity of this tragedy, the scale of it. An explosion ripping through the normality of a community, with people going to the shop, the normal toing and froing of life.”

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