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12 year old boy shot dead by classmate in South Carolina middle school

Picture Courtesy: CNN

A 12-year-old boy was shot dead by his classmate in South Carolina middle school on Thursday. As per official reports, the shooter, also a 12-year-old boy was arrested on charges of murder and other firearm charges in the shooting at Tanglewood Middle School in Greenville.

As per reports, at 12.30 pm local time, the school resource officer called for backup after hearing gunshots at the school. The suspect ran from the school after the incident and the police found him under a deck at a nearby home.

Both the boys knew each other. Sheriff Hobart Lewis said in the statement, "My heart breaks for this young boy's family and my prayers are with them tonight. Additionally, I will be praying for the other young boy who pulled the trigger and his family. I can not fathom what would cause someone to do this to another human being and especially at that age, but I know it's a situation where we all need to turn to God.”

The suspect will be sent to a juvenile justice center in Columbia, South Carolina.

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