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159 still missing in Miami: What you need to know

Picture Courtesy: The Guardian

1. More than 150 people are missing with 4 persons dead and a dozen injured after a 12 story building collapsed in Miami.

2. Rescue work is in progress with the hope of rescuing more survivors. There have been reports that voices can be heard beneath the rumble indicating that people are still trapped. The exact number of people present inside the building when it collapsed is still not known.

3. The 40-year-old building was undergoing an inspection when the incident happened. However, the exact cause of the collapse is still unknown.

4. President Joe Biden has approved the emergency declaration to Florida meaning Federal Emergency Management Agency will help the state agencies with the relief effort.

5. Teams are tunneling from an underground car parking of the building to reach out to the victims but continuous rain and thunder are hampering the relief efforts.

6. Relatives of the missing are waiting for information but fearing the worst. Some have compared the incident with the 9/11 tower attacks as the sound at the time of collapsing was like a bomb blast. Most of the residents were asleep when the incident happened.

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