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19 killed in shootout in central Mexico

Representational image/ANI

Nineteen people were shot and killed in central Mexico on Sunday, the State Attorney General's Office (FGE) said in a statement.

Gunmen swooped down on an illegal cockfighting pit in the community of Las Tinajas and opened fire, local media report.

The motive behind the attack is not yet clear but a number of criminal gangs operate in the region.

Authorities were called to the scene at 10.30 pm following reports of killings.

Forensic experts said all the victims in Las Tinajas - 16 men and three women - had been killed by gunshots. A number of people have also been injured.

In recent months, gunmen in various regions of Mexico have targeted funerals and wakes as well as bars and clubs in their attempt to take out as many of their rivals at one time as they can.

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