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2 feared dead, 20 missing after large mudslide hits Atami: What you need to know

Picture Courtesy: AP

1. Two are feared dead and about 20 others remain missing after heavy rain triggered a large mudslide southwest of Tokyo on Saturday, destroying more than 10 houses.

2. A video posted on Twitter showed black water mixed with soil and sand flowing rapidly from the top of a mountain-making a rumbling sound- at about 10.30 a.m. in Atami.

3. The mudslide has reached the nearby coast, according to the authorities.

4. The two people, who were showing no vital signs, were discovered by the coast guard at a port.

5. Atami is famous for its hot spring resorts. It has over 21,000 households, so the government has issued the highest level of evacuation alert to ensure their safety immediately.

6. Japan is prone to mudslides and flooding during its rainy season. Dozens were killed in July last year, and 200 died in 2018 when parts of western Japan were inundated.

7. The heavy rain disrupted the public transport system. The Japan Meteorological Agency urged maximum caution and called on the public to be vigilant over mudslides, flooding, and swollen rivers.

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