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3 Dead, 20 wounded in series of explosions hit Afghanistan

A series of three explosions killed at least three, including Taliban officials, and injured around 20 in Afghanistan's Jalalabad on Saturday, reports said. The explosion that took place in the capital of Afghanistan's Nangarhar province was targeted at Taliban vehicles.

Reports said two Taliban officials were among the dead while the injured comprised mostly civilians. On Saturday, a sticky bomb exploded in Kabul, wounding two people. The target of the Kabul bomb is not yet clear, but the Jalalabad landmine blast was targeted at the Taliban officials. No one has yet taken the responsibility for the Jalalabad attack. An investigation was underway to establish the extent of damage and the cause of the explosions.

The explosion comes at a time when Afghanistan is at the centre stage of the world's attention after the Taliban took over the country in an unexpected coup on August 15. Since then, there have been several attacks in the country, including an operation conducted by the United States, which the US has recently regretted.

The Pentagon said on Friday that its drone strike on August 29 was targeted an Islamic State suicide bomber but many civilians were killed.

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