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3 killed and 14 injured in at a Tennessee nightclub

Picture Courtesy: CNN

3 people were killed and at least 14 others were injured after shooting incident in Chattanooga, Tennessee, early Sunday, with some victims struck by bullets and others by fleeing vehicles, according to police report.

The police responded to the incident at around 2.45 am. The spokesperson for the Chattanooga Police Department informed that police found multiple victims when they reached the nightclub. Among the three deaths, two stemmed from gunshot wounds and one stemmed from injuries sustained after the victim was struck by a vehicle.

Police have not yet identified a suspect and according to initial investigation, there is a chance that multiple people and multiple types of firearms might be involved.

Police said that this was not a targeted attack and was an isolated incident. The shooting comes as the nation is on edge following back-to-back high profile shootings, including those at Buffalo, Uvalde and Tulsa.

This is the second shooting incident in Chattanooga in less than 10 days. Last Saturday, six people were shot following an altercation between two groups downtown, police said at the time. No victims died, though two were critically injured. Chattanooga's mayor vowed he and the city council would spend time in the coming weeks to address gun violence, saying they would "treat this like the crisis it is."

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