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47 Peaceful protesters arrested and charged in Hong Kong: What you need to know

China and Hong Kong flags
Picture courtesy: Hong Kong Free Press

On February 28, 2021, At least 47 pro-democracy activists detained and charged with conspiracy to commit subversion in Hong Kong in the most violent crackdown on the opposition under the latest national security law imposed last year by Beijing. The detainees will appear in court on Monday.

Many human rights organizations showed immediate support for the protesters in Hong Kong and criticized the unjustifiable suppression the Chinese government has constantly put on the peaceful protesters. For instance, Amnesty International Hong Kong tweeted earlier: "The "subversion" charges against 47 pro-democracy lawmakers are an outrageous attack on peaceful expression and association. #HongKong authorities are using the #NationalSecurityLaw as a pretext to silence political opponents. All those charged today must be immediately released."

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