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5 things you need to know about SNL, Dogecoin, Robinhood, and Elon Musk 'The Dogefather'

Picture courtesy: CoinDesk

1- Dogecoin, the "joke" cryptocurrency that's a favorite of Tesla billionaire and self-proclaimed "DogeFather" Elon Musk, has doubled in value this week, adding to its already mind-numbing gains this year.

2- As dogecoin traders and investors pile into the meme-based token ahead of SNL, betting odds have revealed there's a 40% chance the dogecoin price will soar to $1—even after Musk warned people to "invest with caution."

3- The dogecoin price, already up by 17,000% so far this year, was found to have a 40% chance of rallying to the closely-watched $1 per dogecoin token mark by Monday morning—an increase of 42% from its current price of around 70 cents.

4- While Miley is preparing to take the stage at Studio 8H for the sixth time, tomorrow night (May 8) will be the maiden voyage on the good ship SNL for SpaceX/Tesla founder Musk, whose comedic chops so far consist of blasting one of his electric roadsters into space with a David Bowie-esque "Starman" mannequin in the driver's seat listening to an endless loop of "Space Oddity."

5- In theory, you should be able to buy and sell crypto with a click of a mouse or press of a button. In theory. In reality, it’s not always so easy. Whenever volume spikes, Robinhood’s platform seems to fold like a lawn chair. It happened with Gamestop, and this past week it happened again when the price of Dogecoin exploded. With the current interest in Dogecoin at an all time high, and Elon Musk headed to 30 Rockefeller Plaza for SNL, one has to wonder just how quickly you can unload Dogecoin.

Bottom Line - You should invest in Dogecoin and invest BIG!! #DogeToTheMoon #Hodl #ElonMusk #SNL

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