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8 people killed in a FedEx Ground Facility near Indianapolis airport: What you need to know

Indianapolis Police
Picture courtesy: AP News

A terrorist opened fire both inside and outside a FedEx Ground facility near Indianapolis' main airport Thursday around 11 p.m., murdering eight people, wounding several others, and sending witnesses running before taking his own life, police said.

The names of the victims or the terrorist are not released yet.

Craig McCart, Indianapolis police Deputy Chief said "The [gunman] came into the parking lot, and I believe he exited his vehicle and quickly began shooting...The first shooting occurred in the parking lot, and then he went inside and did not get very far into the facility at all".

He then added, "I think that it [the shooting] probably only lasted one to two minutes, from what we're hearing".

The terrorist killed himself as officers encountered him and the motive for the shooting was not immediately known. The murder was carried out using at least one weapon including a rifle.

This incident marks at least the 45th mass shooting in the United States since the Atlanta-area Asian spa shootings on March 16.

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