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82-year-old female pilot to fly with Jeff Bezos: What you need to know

Picture Courtesy: Firstpost

1. Mary Wallace Funk, an 82-year-old pilot will accompany Jeff Bezos into space.

2. Bezos, his brother, Wally, and the winner of an auction will be the first people to fly in Blue Origin rocket and capsule.

3. Mary Funk was prevented from becoming an astronaut in the 1960s because of her sex, now becoming the oldest person to fly into space.

4. Born in New Mexico in 1939, she has had a love for aviation, first female Federal Aviation Administration Inspector and first female National Transportation Safety Board air safety investigator.

5. "No one has waited longer", Bezos wrote in an Instagram caption. "It's time. Welcome to the crew, Wally, we're excited to have you fly with us on July 20th as our honored guest".

6. On 20th July she will fly in a blue-origin rocket. The mission will be a short suborbital flight, with the rocket rising above the 62-mile threshold generally regarded as the beginning of space, before returning to Earth.

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