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9 Killed In Israeli Missile Attack In Syria's Damascus

Israel-Syria attacks: Government media in Syria confirmed 4 of 5 casualties in the strikes/ Courtesy: NDTV

Israeli air strikes near Damascus on Wednesday killed nine combatants, among them five Syrian soldiers, a war monitor said.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said an ammunition depot and several positions linked to Iran's military presence in Syria were among the targets.

Four Syrian soldiers have been killed and three wounded after an Israeli missile attack on positions near Damascus, Syria’s defence ministry has said.

The attack on Wednesday also caused material damage, it added, in a statement posted on Facebook.

An Israeli military spokesperson declined to comment on the reported strike.

The UK-based Observatory, which relies on a vast network of sources in every region of Syria, said eight people were also wounded in the strikes.

The attacks came after the Israeli military said an Israeli drone had crashed on the Syrian side of the border on Tuesday, adding that an investigation had been opened into the case.

The last alleged Israeli attack on Syria was on April 14, when several missiles hit Syrian army positions near Damascus.

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