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A Messaging App Help arrest 800 criminals: What you need to know

Picture Courtesy: Channels Television
  1. The US Intelligence agency FBI has arrested hundred of criminals dealing drugs and black money around the world through the ANOM app.

  2. For this FBI took the help of agencies from other countries globally and arrested 800 criminals. For the last 3 years, the FBI was engaged in this work.

  3. The Australian agency and the FBI carried out this joint operation which allowed the police to read the conversations between criminals without their knowledge.

  4. Chat app devices were distributed to the criminal underworld, Australian Police said the devices were initially used by members of large criminal gangs, which led to increased confidence in the app among other criminals as well.

  5. Australian police said fugitive Australian drug smuggler Hakan Ayik was the key to more stings. He had inadvertently recommended the app to criminal associates after undercover officers handed over handsets to him. Explaining the use of the highly specialized app, Police said, to catch the perpetrator on the phone with this app you had to know a criminal. The phone could not ring or email. You could only communicate with anyone on the same platform that the police took advantage of.

  6. The prime minister of Australia called this action a watershed operation that broke the back of criminal groups globally. Australian police have arrested 224 criminals.

  7. New Zealand detailed 35 people during this operation. The new Zealand government said that this operation has been the largest legal action against organized crime to date.

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