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Afghan Crisis Updates- concerns over data misuse, Chaos outside Kabul airport

picture courtesy: BBC

A United Nations document recently seen by the BBC says the Taliban are intensifying their hunt for people who worked for, and collaborated with, Nato and US forces.

And the giant stores of biometric data collected by both the US military and the Afghan government could pose a risk to those facing retaliation.

Military sources had told it that some HIIDE devices had fallen into Taliban hands and the Taliban may have access to some of the coalition's biometric data, however it is uncertain whether they will have the technical know-how to exploit it.

There are also concerns the Taliban are using social media to track opponents.

Facebook has brought in new safety measures for users worried for their safety in Afghanistan.

The firm says it "removed the ability to view and search the 'Friends' list for Facebook accounts in Afghanistan" to protect people from being targeted.

Professional networking site LinkedIn has also taken steps by hiding the connections of anyone in the country.

Twitter and Instagram also assured top priority to be given for keeping people safe in Afghanistan.

Further there are still chaotic scenes outside Kabul airport as Afghans and foreign citizens try to get safe passage out of the country.

Hundreds of Afghans don’t yet have any permission to travel, but they’ve brought along documents showing they worked for foreign embassies or forces and are hoping somehow to be let through.

Nine men from the Hazara minority were tortured and murdered by the Taliban - Amnesty International has said.

A German national has been shot while trying to get to Kabul airport. According to a German government spokeswoman, the civilian is to be flown out soon: "he is being given medical care and there is no risk to his life".

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