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Afghanistan:Biden says another Kabul airport attack likely-US troops evacuate parts of Kabul airport

Picture courtesy: NDTV

The situation in Kabul is very worrying, so US president, Joe Biden has once again given a stern warning to the ISIS-K attacking Kabul airport. He said that the drone strike that the US has done against ISIS-K is not the last. The US will not leave whoever is involved in the recent Kabul attack.

US President Joe Biden has warned that there may be a terrorist attack at Kabul airport in the next 24 to 36 hours. This statement has been made after a discussion with the team officials.

After this, the US embassy has issued an alert of the danger of attack on Kabul Airport for the third consecutive day, America has asked its citizens in the latest warning to immediately withdraw from Kabul airport and its surrounding areas.

Taliban fighters took control of the areas after US troops evacuated three gates and some parts of Kabul airport on Saturday.

On the other side, the Taliban claimed to have entered Afghanistan's Panjsheer, the only province left from its occupation. Whereas the fighters of Panjsheer have called the Taliban's claims hollow and tell the news of its entry as baseless.

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