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Afghanistan Updates- Reports of torturing by Taliban are coming out

Picture courtesy: The independent

Disturbing news from Afghanistan continues to pour in as there is a bustling atmosphere. In the last few hours, all French, Dutch and Germans have left Kabul.

Shots were reported outside the airport on Wednesday, as crowds waited to get in. Local reports said several people were wounded near the north gate and the Taliban were preventing people from getting to the airport.

Afghanistan’s former central bank governor has said that he will not return to the country despite assurances from the Taliban that former officials can return with amnesty to their jobs. Ajmal Ahmadi told that the Taliban had been looking for him, knocking on doors at properties where he had previously lived.

He also said that he thought it was likely that the US would freeze Afghanistan's international reserves so the Taliban couldn't access them, causing currency issues.

Taliban leaders are expected in Kabul after they arrived in Kandahar from exile on Tuesday.

The leader of the Taliban-linked Haqqani Network meets former President Hamid Karzai

The White House says the Taliban have promised civilians can travel safely to Kabul airport but reports say Afghans have been beaten by Taliban guards on their way there. Militants are out in force manning checkpoints across the city.

Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of UK , today said that the Taliban “will be judged on actions, not words” and denied that the UK was unprepared for the events unfolding in Afghanistan.

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