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After Freedom Convoy, bikers’ rally follows in Ottawa

Picture courtesy:AFP

Just over two months after the truckers’ protest occupied the city, Ottawa, the Canadian capital, is bracing for a bikers’ rally this weekend.

The rally is being organised by the group calling itself Rolling Thunder, which has partnered with entities like Veterans for Freedom and Freedom Fighters Canada. Over 500 bikers are expected to arrive in Ottawa on Friday evening for the events scheduled for the weekend.

Ottawa police warned a planned biker convoy that the city will not tolerate any sort of longer term occupation of the capital.

The Ottawa Police Service has already said it will not allow a replay of events in February and has introduced an “exclusion zone” in the city’s downtown core, including Parliament Hill and will not allow vehicles to collect at the War Memorial.

Organisers haven’t outlined an agenda except that the rally will be for “freedom” and to pay their regards at the War Memorial in Ottawa.

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