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Airbnb pays $7 million to a tourist after rape: What you need to know

Picture Courtesy: BBC

1. Airbnb paid a tourist $7 million after she was raped at knifepoint in a rental property in New York in 2015.

2. As per reports the suspect had made a copy of the key of the property which he rented before the attack.

3. Mr. Lee, the suspect, hid in the bathroom when the victim returned after midnight and sexually assaulted the victim.

4. After the attack, the Airbnb safety team approached the victim and offered its help, and put the victim in a hotel.

5. Bloomberg reported that as part of the $7 million settlement, the victim cannot blame Airbnb or the host of the place where the incident occurred whereas Airbnb said that the victim can speak freely about their experience.

6. Airbnb also said that it conducts online background checks on hosts and guests.

7. Since the attack, Airbnb has not overhauled its rules for keys and where the host may leave them. Hosts on the platform are not required to uses keypad locks and change keypad codes between bookings.

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