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Algerians show up for a third Hirak Protest in masses: What you need to know

Food crisis in Algeria

Algerians came out in large numbers as part of the national Hirak Movement decrying the authoritarian military regime running the country, and demanding swift democratic change.

For the third Friday in a row, since protests restarted on February 22nd, Algerian Nationals are expressing their outrage of the current economic, political and social situation in the country highlighted by the lack of economic opportunities, skyrocketing rates of unemployment, and poverty, sharply declining basic living standards.

During a virtual interview conducted by Broadcast Social Plus - BS+ with an Algerian protester, who prefers to remain anonymous, over Cisco Webex. He claimed "We have to wait long hours, I'm talking about 2 to 3 hours at a bakery to buy one or two loaves of bread. The government does not care. Currently, we are experiencing a shortage of milk, one of our essential products. We are facing a food crisis in Algeria and no one cares about the people. This will trigger unseen unrest, way worse than the Arab Spring. Mark my word!"

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