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America's withdrawal from Afghanistan: End of a Chapter

Taliban fighters were quick to make use of discarded US military equipment as they entered Kabul airport early on Tuesday. Picture courtesy: BBC/Getty images

Major General Chris Donahue has been identified by the United States Department of Defence as the last serving member of the US military to leave Afghanistan, bringing to an end America's 20-year military presence in that country.

Gunfire rage out at Kabul as the Taliban celebrated the last US troops leaving Afghanistan.

Social media was flooded with visuals of the Taliban proudly posing for photos as they took full control of the Hamid Karzai International airport in Kabul. From the gates to the runway, Taliban leaders and fighters were all over the Kabul airport after the last US flight took off from there.

Soon after the hasty exit on Tuesday, the US military said that it has disabled 73 aircraft, 27 Humvees, weapon systems and other high-tech defence equipment before boarding the final flight. Videos showed the Badri 313 Battalion fighters examining the helicopters.

Several journalists have shared the video on Twitter claiming the Taliban have killed a man and hung him from the US military helicopter they took out to patrol the Kandahar province.

Now 20 years of America's time in Afghanistan is over, now it remains to be seen whether the Taliban runs Afghanistan in its clutches in its old form or there is some change in it. Only time will tell.

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