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Another attack on US Capitol: What you need to know

US Capitol
Picture courtesy : AP

Another attack occurred on the US Capitol on Friday afternoon. Here is everything you need to know about the situation:

  1. The attack happened after a lone assailant rammed a vehicle on a police barricade outside the Capitol building. Post which he attacked an officer.

  2. The Police officer has died after the knife attack on him. He is identified as Officer William “Billy” Evans.

  3. The suspect is identified as Noah Green, 25 years old, who was shot by the police has also died.

  4. There was an immediate response by the police and National guards who secure the Capitol building after the attack.

  5. The National Guard released a statement, "No National Guard members were injured in the incident at the Capitol. Currently, approximately 2,300 National Guard members are in DC supporting local, state, and federal authorities in DC.”

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