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Anti-Asian hate crime increases in Canada: What you need to know

Anti-Asian hate crime
Picture courtesy : News Statesman

According to the latest study and reports, Anti-Asian hate crimes are on a rise in Canada. This comes after the deadly shooting in Atlanta this week where a white man shot 8 people of Asian descent. Here is everything we know about this issue:

  1. According to ‘Fight COVID Racism’ there have been 910 cases of Asian hate crime in Canada till the time of publishing this article.

  2. Chinese, Korean, and Southeast Asian minorities are the worst affected group of people.

  3. In Vancouver, anti-Asian hate crime increased 717 percent from 2019 to 2020, the highest in Canada. Ottawa saw a 57 recent increase, Montreal had 22 cases, and Toronto ranks second on the list with the most number of cases.

  4. According to Project 1907 report Canada has higher anti-Asian hate crime per Asian capita than the USA.

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