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Apple iPhone 14 charging test reveals no improvement over iPhone 13

Picture Courtesy: Apple

Since its release iPhone14 has been put to series of tests to see how much more it has to offer over its predecessor. The latest test being the charging test, which reveals that iPhone 14 pro max essential offer no improvement over iPhone 13 pro max.

The test, conducted by Charging Labs, reveals the iPhone 14 Pro Max appears to exhibit the same charging characteristics as the phone it succeeds. The latest Apple flagship smartphone charges at a peak of 27 W across the board, even when using the company's 140 W MacBook Pro charger. Apple's recommended charger for the iPhone 14 series is, of course, its 29 W charger and that one also delivers peak wattage, with a measured power output of 26.05 W. Higher-rated charging bricks from Apple deliver a similar wattage.

According to report, iPhone 14 Pro Max charges from 0 to 100 % in 109 minutes with a 96 W PD charger. With a 30 W charger, 20 more minutes are added. iPhone 13 Pro Max, which charges to 100% in 106 minutes with the 96 W charger, and 128 minutes with the 30 W charger offers a similar result.

In the US, iPhone 14 starts at $799, iPhone plus costs about $899, and iPhone 14 pro and iPhone 14 pro max costs $999 and $1099.

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