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Apple’s weather app is back online after 14-hour outage

Picture: Apple weather app

The weather app on Apple's iPhone left users in the dark or forced them to look out their window due to a decrease in functionality.

On Monday at 11 p.m. EDT, the app started experiencing issues, as reported on Apple's support website. It took over 14 hours for the issue to be resolved, with the website simply stating that the service may have been slow or unavailable without providing a reason for the outage.

When users reached out to Apple on social media, the response was that the company was aware of the issue and working to restore the service. The weather app on Apple's iPhone typically provides hourly forecasts, air quality information, wind speed, and precipitation details, among other data.

However, during this outage, users were left with blank screens or two dashes where the temperature usually appears. Apple has not provided any additional details regarding the cause of the outage, and an Apple spokeswoman did not offer further information.

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