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Arctic Blast to bring Coldest Christmas in nearly 40 years

Picture Courtesy: CNN

Canada is facing the full wrath of Arctic blast, however, the cold air is expected to dive down south soon bringing dangerously cold temperatures to millions this week. Temperatures will drop so low in some places that frostbite could begin in as little as five minutes on exposed skin.

The Weather Prediction Center wrote, “Highs over central and eastern Montana will struggle to get above zero today, while daytime lows ranging from 0 to -15 degrees will be common from eastern Washington to the Upper Mississippi Valley.”

The temperatures are expected to dive 30 to 50 degrees below normal. This week, more than 80% of the Lower 48 will experience temperatures below freezing. Places as far south as Houston; Austin, Texas; Atlanta and even Orlando are currently included on that list. And some in the Midwest could also experience their coldest Christmas Day in nearly 40 years.

This big winter storm will take shape beginning on Tuesday, bringing heavy snow, strong winds. Heavy snow will fall across much of the Midwest and extend as far south as the Lower Mississippi Valley – where we could see snow flurries as far south as Jackson, Mississippi.

This drastic weather will bring holiday travel to a standstill. The weather service is already urging people to make alternate plans for travel. The storm will bomb out Friday night into Saturday morning, making this a bomb cyclone before entering the Northeast and New England. A bomb cyclone is when the storm drops 24 millibars in pressure in 24 hours.

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