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Argentina wins FIFA World Cup 2022

Argentina have come out all guns blazing and dominated much of the first half. They got a goal to show for it in the 23rd minute when captain Lionel Messi expertly converted a penalty kick and gave Argentina a 1-0 lead. Angel Di Maria then made it two as France struggled to get going throughout the first half. France struggled to keep Argentina down throughout the half and at halftime, Messi's side led 2-0.

But Mbappe scored a powerful goal from the spot. France stunned Argentina in less than two minutes. Kylian Mbappe scored twice late in the second half and Argentina made it 2-2 seemingly out of nowhere. France equals the game with 2-2.

Mbappe magic brings France roaring back, match goes into extra-time.

Messi put Argentina in the lead again. Messi scores to make it 3-2 for Argentina. And Mbappe scores a hat-trick to level the score 3-3 for France. Now the 2022 World Cup final to be decided on penalties.

Argentina Won The World Cup in penalties !!!!!!

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