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Around 30,000 people ordered to leave Canada's British Columbia amid wildfires.

Smoke from wildfires fills the air in Kelowna, British Columbia(AP)

Amidst a summer characterized by intense wildfires that have ravaged millions of acres across Canada, Kelowna, a city housing 150,000 residents, found itself shrouded in dense smoke as it became the most recent urban center to be affected by this crisis.

Approximately 30,000 individuals were instructed on Saturday to leave their residences in the western region of Canada's British Columbia, according to provincial authorities. This directive comes as a powerful wildfire advance towards the city of Kelowna.

In an effort to ensure the smooth operations of firefighters and first responders, authorities urged individuals seeking excitement to refrain from visiting the affected areas.

Eby and Ma also introduced an emergency decree aimed at curbing non-essential travel to the region.

This decree encompasses Kelowna and the neighboring towns of Kamloops, Oliver, Penticton, Vernon, and Osoyoos, which is situated near the US border. It involves a prohibition on visitors making reservations at hotels and other temporary lodgings.

Eby emphasized, "If it's not necessary for you to be in these areas, we kindly request that you avoid them."

This evacuation followed the previous day's evacuation of Yellowknife, the capital of the Northwest Territories, in what marked the largest evacuation ever carried out in that region.

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