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At least 14 killed in an explosion in Damascus, Syria

Picture Courtesy: Sky news

At least 14 people were killed after two explosions destroyed a bus in Damascus, Syria. According to reports at least 3 people have been reported to be injured so far.

According to local TV reports, two explosives went off as the bus was on the Hafez al Assad bridge - and a third device has been defused by an army engineering unit. Officials have called this a “terrorist” blast.

The blast occurred during the rush hour when people were heading to their work or school. Some images have come forward where rescue workers are seen removing body parts from the bus.

So far no one has taken responsibility for the attack and an investigation is underway. The explosion took place at a main bus transfer point, where vehicles converge and head out to different neighborhoods of the capital.

Major General Hussein Jumaa, Damascus police commander told state TV: "It is a cowardly act”. He has also asked people to immediately inform the authorities about any suspicious activity they see. He assured the people that the police has searched the area and there is no other explosives in that area.

After an hour of the blast, the police has cleared the area and removed the bus from the spot. The attack is the deadliest in Damascus in years.

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