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Australia files complaint against China to WTO: What you need to know

Picture Courtesy: SupChina
  1. The Australian government has formally lodged a complaint against China to World Trade Organization on Saturday. The complaint is regarding the tariffs put in place by China for Australian wine imports.

  2. The differences between the two countries started back in 2018 when Australia banned Huawei from its 5G network. Recently, Australia also supported an international inquiry for coronavirus origins.

  3. This led China, Australia’s biggest trade partner, to impose tariffs on Australian products including wince, coal, and grapes.

  4. The export of wine from Australia to China has plunges drastically in the last quarter. Australia shipped wine worth USD 9 million last quarter compared to USD 243 million the previous year.

  5. Last year, Australia raised this issue with WTO, however, seeing the sales plunged, it has now filed this complaint. This comes after the G7 summit concluded recently in the UK where the world’s major economies discussed solutions to tackle the growing influence of China on world trade.

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