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Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison calls for elections on May 21st

Picture Courtesy: DW

Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison has called for federal elections on May 21st. He made that announcement after discussing it with the Governor-General in the capital, Canberra.

Currently, Mr. Morrison runs a coalition government holding 76 seats in the House of Representatives - the minimum needed to retain power.

The initial polls suggest that he might lose the elections, however, he was able to defy the polls in the last elections, and managed to retain his role as Prime Minister.

Currently, his coalition government is defending its one-seat majority. He is the first Prime Minister since 2007 to survive in office from one election to the next, making him one of the most successful Prime Ministers in years.

Scott Morrison was labeled the “accidental prime minister” in 2018 when his government colleagues chose him to replace then-Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

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