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Boat accident in Florida kills 2: What you need to know

Picture courtesy : US Coast Guard
  • A boat overturned 18 miles southwest of Key West, Florida today killing 2 people. It is not clear what type of boat it was.

  • 10 people are still missing and the US Coast Guard is still searching for them.

  • The accident happened around 1 pm local time. When the crew arrived on the scene, there was no boat on the scene. The rescued informed the Coast Guard about what happened.

  • The search operation is still ongoing and the details of the victims have still not been released.

  • "We will continue to search through the night for those reported missing, and if any mariners see or hear anything, to render assistance if possible and contact the Coast Guard”, Senior Chief Seth Haynes, Key West command center supervisor said.

  • The survivors were given food, water, and medical assistance onboard the Coast Guard cutter.

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