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Bollywood star Amir Khan and wife Kiran Rao to divorce: What you need to know

Picture Courtesy: Hindustan Times
  1. Popular Bollywood star, Amir Khan and his wife Kiran Rao announced on Saturday that is divorcing after 15 years of marriage.

  2. The couple has a son together, who they plan to raise together. They also said that they will continue to collaborate professionally, including on their co-owned nonprofit Paani Foundation.

  3. The couple released a statement, "We began a planned separation some time ago, and now feel comfortable to formalize this arrangement, of living separately yet sharing our lives the way an extended family does.”

  4. This was Amir Khan’s, 56, second marriage. He also has two kids from his previous marriage. He met Kiran Rao on the set of the Oscar-nominated 2001 film ‘Lagaan’ and got married in 2005.

  5. Amir is one of the highest-paid Indian actors and has acted in at least 61 movies. His net worth stands at $225 million.

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