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Bone fragments of missing Mexico student found: What you need to know

Picture Courtesy: The New York Times

1. The remains of a student, who was among a group of 43 who disappeared in Mexico in 2014, identified by forensic experts, belonged to Jhosivani Guerrero.

2. He is the third member of the group whose remains have been found and identified.

3. These students belonged to a left-activism college and they regularly took part in protests

4. In 2014 they traveled to a nearby town to take part in a protest against the discriminatory practices of teachers.

5. On their return to college, they were confronted by Municipal Police who opened fire on buses they were traveling in.

6. In the chaos, 6 were killed and 43 vanished after the clash.

7. The first official investigation report found that these 43 were captured by corrupt policemen, who later handed them over to a drug gang, who took them to a rubbish dump. They killed them and burned their bodies there. They dumped their bones and ashes in a stream, the report concluded.

8. But this report has since been discredited and the head of the investigation has fled Mexico.

9. But the current investigation faces a challenge trying to piece together the whereabouts of the other 43 and where their remains are.

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