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BREAKING: Military aircraft crashes in a residential area in Lake Worth, TX - several home damaged

Picture courtesy: Fox News

A military aircraft crashed in a Texas neighborhood Sunday morning, damaging three homes and displacing the residents.

The crash happened around 11:15 a.m. between the 4000 blocks of Tejas and Dakota in Lake Worth Texas, about two miles northeast of Joint Reserve Base Fort Worth.

Lake Worth Police Chief J.T. Manoushagian confirmed that the two pilots ejected themselves quickly before before the crash. One of the pilot's parachutes got caught in powerlines, while the other pilot was found nearby. Both pilots have been taken to the hospital and they are in a stable condition.

Luckily, no injuries have been reported among the residents of the neighborhood where the crash occurred. The residents of the damaged homes were displaced and a Red Cross team was on scene to help them, along with Lake Worth Police and Fire department officers.

The exact cause of the crash remains unknown. Investigations are still ongoing.

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