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Breonna Taylor- One year later: What you need to know

Breonna Taylor
Picture courtesy : The NY Times

Saturday, March 13th, marks one year since Breonna Taylor was shot inside her home in Louisville, Kentucky. Three police officers entered her house with our permission using a ‘no knock’ warrant, seeing which Breonna’s boyfriend Kenneth Walker shot and wounded one police officers. Seeing this. The police responded with 32 shots, 6 of which struck Breonna and killed her. The three police officers were fired after protests grew demanding the city to act. The Grand jury did not charge any of the police officers which sparked further protests. Today at the first anniversary of that incident, Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear said, "Today we remember Breonna Taylor, her tragic and unnecessary loss and the immense work we have ahead of us”. People are gathering in Louisville for demonstrations one year later. No one had been charged to date for the murder.

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