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Bretman Rock's new MTV reality show almost coming to an end: What you need to know

The Filipino-American beauty influencer, social media personality, reality show star, and recently business owner, as he put out his first sunglasses line "Bretman Rock x dime", the one and only, Bretman Rock! With an audience of over 35 million over his social media accounts and channels, the outspoken beauty vlogger just landed a huge reality show with MTV that kicked off back on Feb 8, 2021.

In an interview with People Magazine about his show, Bretman says "I think I wanted to capture the most is how different my lifestyle is from other influencers' lifestyle in LA, New York, or wherever. The culture here and the person I am today is really fixed to the island. That's why I wanted to film it here."

Now 1 out of 6 episodes left, Bretman's followers are now wondering if MTV will renew the deal with the mega-influencer, #Bretman_Rock!

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