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Bug in iOS 16 confirmed by Apple, affecting iPhone 14 users

Picture Courtesy: MacRumors

Apple has confirmed an iOS 16 bug which is affecting iPhone 14 users. According to reports, due to this bug the new device doesn’t go through Wi-Fi, creating a host of problems. An internal Apple memo obtained by MacRumors says, “there is a known issue for iOS 16 that may impact device activations on open Wi-Fi networks.”

To resolve the issue, Apple says customers should select "Connect to Mac or to a PC with iTunes" in the initial iOS onboarding process when prompted to connect to a Wi-Fi network and then return to the previous screen and try again on Wi-Fi until the activation goes through successfully.

Apple has said that the new iPhone users can also download an iOS 16.0.1 update to fix the issue. MacRumors notes users may need to restore iOS 16.0.1 through Mac or PC to activate their new devices. There are also reports that the bug in iOS 16 affects FaceTime and iMessage.

Apple has said that it is investigating the issue

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