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BuzzFeed closes HuffPost Canada: What you need to know

Buzzfeed Huffpost
Picture courtesy : TechCrunch

On Tuesday, BuzzFeed announced that it is closing its HuffPost Canada and HuffPost Quebec operations along with laying off 47 workers in the U.S. The closing of Canada offices will lead to the laying off of 27 employees, which include 4 managers. This decision came as a surprise to everyone, according to reports, even the managers were not aware of the decision. BuzzFeed bought HuffPost from Verizon Media in November to expand its reach, however, with the losses it incurred due to pandemic, BuzzFeed took this decision. HuffPost lost $20 million in 2020 and is not in a shape to take more losses. This comes at a time when many media companies are laying off or shutting down in Canada, including Bell Media, Postmedia, and Corus Entertainment which owns Global News and AM radio.

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