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Canada considering new travel restrictions to curb spread of omicron variant: sources

Picture Courtesy: The Canadian Press

The Canadian government is planning to introduce a new set of travel restrictions to curb the spread of the new Covid variant, omicron. Sources from the Liberal government said that the government is considering all measures, including travel restrictions, but has not yet made a final decision.

The Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, was planning to speak with all the premiers today before making a final decision. With Christmas just around the corner, rising cases are worrying for the government.

As per official sources, the government is considering banning all foreign travelers from entering the country for non-essential reasons and putting in place an advisory banning non-essential international travel by Canadians. The ban might also include travelers from the US.

On Tuesday, the Finance Minister announced that the government was budgeting $1.7 billion to buy more rapid tests and ship them out across the country to provinces. An additional $4.5 billion was being put aside to handle Omicron expenses.

The Government is advising businesses to delay their return to work policies in light of increasing cases related to the new variant.

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