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Canada: Protests grow as police launch bid to clear Ambassador bridge

Picture Courtesy: Detroit news

Days after protests by truckers against Covid rules at the Ambassador Bridge in Ontario, Windsor police has launched efforts to clear out the bridge. The bridge is a vital trade route linking Windsor, Ontario, with Detroit, Michigan.

The protests were started by Canadian truckers opposed to a vaccinate-or-quarantine order for drivers crossing the border. The blocking of the Ambassador Bridge has resulted in a complete halt for trading across the border, resulting in losses of as much as $50m ($39m; £29m) per day as argued by Automotive Parts Manufacturers' Association.

Canada's CBC News reported that while police had some initial success in clearing the road on Saturday, more supporters arrived as the day went on until they once again outnumbered the officers trying to move the crowds away.

Police released a statement saying, "We urge all demonstrators to act lawfully [and] peacefully. Commuters are still being asked to avoid the areas affected by the demonstrations at this time.” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spoke with US President Joe Biden about the border blockades on Friday.

Police officers at the scene have warned the protestors saying that if they fail to comply with the authorities, they would be arrested for mischief. Some of the demonstrators shouted "shame," "freedom" and "you're on the wrong side." Others vowed that "we'll be back" and "it isn't over.”

The intersection is now clear of vehicles and protesters. But supporters of the blockade have continued trickling in from other access points behind the police line, boosting the numbers of the defiant crowd.

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