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CDC voice support for booster shot for vulnerable people: What you need to know

Picture Courtesy: National Post

A committee of independent experts in CDC voiced their support for a third booster shot for the coronavirus vaccine for vulnerable people on Thursday. There has been a huge discussion lately about the possibility and need for a third booster shot to control the widely spreading delta variant.

The vulnerable or the immunocompromised people presented their case in front of the advisory committee today to allow immunocompromised people to get a third dose of the vaccine. According to some data, a third booster shot can increase the immunity against the virus by 50% in immunocompromised people.

There has been no official recommendation by the CDC as of now however, last month Pfizer said that they might ask CDC for a third booster shot approval for all people. There has been no hard evidence as of now using which CDC can make this recommendation.

Countries like France and Israel have already approved a third shot for their immunocompromised residents due to increasing virus transmission. Israel, which was quick to fully vaccinate most of its population saw a surge in the cases after 6 months, leading to experts think that the immunity from the vaccine might decrease as time passes.

About 2.7 % of people in the United States are considered immunocompromised which includes people suffering from cancer, HIV and transplant patients. Phil Canudo, a kidney transplant recipient said to the committee, "I urge you, beg you even, to recommend that we be able to receive a third vaccine dose. The benefit could open up the world to us again.”

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