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Certain Users Experience Twitter Outages Following Internal Update

Picture: AP

The recent disruptions on Twitter have prompted Elon Musk, who acquired the social media platform last year, to call for a complete overhaul of some of the software supporting the platform. The outages and issues experienced by some users on Monday were caused by an internal change that created unintended problems.

Musk criticized the platform's "extremely brittle" code stack, and said it would ultimately need a complete rewrite. Some users experienced problems loading images and clicking on links, and received an error message when trying to access the platform.

Twitter Support said parts of the platform weren't working as usual due to the internal change, but later confirmed that it should be working normally. The disruptions were caused by a small API change that had massive ramifications, according to Musk.

Under Elon Musk's leadership since October, Twitter has undergone significant changes to improve user experience, including the implementation of a new algorithmic-based feed, the Twitter Blue subscription service, and tweet view counts.

However, as part of his cost-cutting efforts, Mr. Musk has also laid off thousands of employees, leading to a shrinking staff. This has raised concerns about the ability of the remaining employees to manage technical issues and solve problems, which has been a long-standing issue at the social media site even before Mr. Musk's tenure.

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