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China accuses NATO of defaming it: What you need to know

Picture Courtesy: South China Morning Post

1. The NATO leaders had called China a challenge to the system. The leaders had said that all work including increasing China's nuclear weapons, is a threat to the rules-based international order.

2. In response, China has said that its security policy is defensive and has urged NATO to devote its energy to promoting the dialogue.

3. It added that NATO should rationally take China's development.

4. But the question arises as to why NATO made such a statement.

5. NATO is concerned about the lack of transparency in China's dealings and the use of propaganda.

6. NATO is becoming increasingly concerned about China's growing military capabilities. This organization sees China's power as a threat to the security of its member countries and their democratic values.

7. It is also concerning that China has set up a military basis in Africa.

8. The NATO chief told reporters that we are not having a cold war with China, it is not our enemy. But NATO has to face the challenges coming from China as a bond.

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