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China aims 6% economic growth: What you need to know

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang
Picture courtesy : Getty Images

As the whole world economy struggles with the pandemic, China announced a health target for its 2021 economic growth on Friday. China’s top officials announced that they are targeting ‘over 6%’ economic growth, with plans to become more technologically self-reliant. This is happening as the country is struggling with tensions with Europe and the US along with human rights violation claims. Premier Li Keqiang announced these plans in a report to China’s ceremonial legislature. China remains the only country to have shown positive growth in the past year, of almost 2.3%, as the rest of the world was battling economic depressions due to the pandemic. This was a direct result of unprecedented shutdown measures that the country adopted during the initial stages of the pandemic. With these plans, China aims to become the global leader in technology and a greater global influencer.

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