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China expected to hit with typhoon In-Fa: What you need to know

Picture Courtesy: Yahoo News

Following devastating floods in central China through the week, typhoon In-Fa is expected to make a landfall along the east coast of the country. The impact is expected to be close to Shanghai on Sunday.

Authorities has issued stay at home warnings in the region of Zhejiang province, schools, flights and trains have been suspended. As the typhoon hits, string winds, flooding and rough sea conditions are being expected. This typhoon comes days after at least 58 people were killed in the devastating floods in central China.

The storm is currently moving away from Taiwan with a maximum speed of 148 km/h. Post landfall it is expected to result in winds with 120 mph along the east coast. Following the warnings, public places and museums in Shanghai have been closed.

Many factors are causing the extreme weather conditions through out the globe, however, climate change remains one of the major factors. In the past few weeks, the US and Canada faced a scorching heat wave, the UK is currently in the middle of a heat wave. India’s Maharashtra State is currently facing severe flood conditions which results in killing of at least 136 people.

Typhoon In-Fa is also threatening to bring string winds and rains to Tokyo Olympics next week.

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