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Clashes between protestors and police in Mexico and Turkey

Picture Courtesy: Getty Images

Thousands of protestors marched in Barcelona, Paris, London, Mexico, and Turkey today to mark the international day for the elimination of gender-based attacks. However, clashes broke out with security forces in the Turkish city of Istanbul.

In Mexico City, police fired smoke bombs at a small group of hammer-wielding protesters who tried to grab their shields. The protesters, in Mexico City, were demanding to end violence against women. According to reports, protestors also retaliated by throwing bottles and stones at the police. Seventeen people, including 10 female police officers, were injured.

Just a few months ago, Turkey withdrew from an international treaty aimed at protecting women. Protestors were demanding the government to resign over its withdrawal from the Istanbul Convention in June. People in the party belonging to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that the treaty was inconsistent with Turkey's conservative values.

One protestor in Turkey said, "We do not and will not accept this and we will keep fighting”. According to reports, 345 women have been killed in Turkey so far this year.

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