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Cleaning staff at Twitter fired, to be replaced by ‘robots’

Picture Courtesy: India Today

The cleaning staff at Twitter’s headquarters in San Francisco were fired on Monday without a severance package. According to one of the fired employees, Elon Musk's team had said their jobs would be replaced by robots. A California state senator said Mr Musk was treating the former staff "like garbage”.

David Chui, San Francisco's city attorney,, said that he is investigating if Elon Musk has broken any laws. He said to BBC, “Elon Musk has had a long history of flouting labour laws. While I'm not surprised this happened, I feel for these workers. We will be looking into this further.”

One of the Ford employees, Adrianna Villarreal, who worked for Twitter for four years, said she's now worried she won't have enough money to feed her family over Christmas. Olga Miranda, president of the cleaners' union, said they organized a strike on Monday to protest. The cleaners were then told they had been laid off effective immediately, she says.

California state Senator, Scott Wiener, also said that the cleaners had been treated “horribly". He said, “In the short term, I'd like to see him [Elon Musk] treat his janitors like human beings and get them back working - not just throw them out right before Christmas.”

Since Elon Musk acquired Twitter, he has laid off more than half of the company employees. There has also been reports of him turning the office space into bedrooms for his staff, a move which is under investigation.

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