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Climate Crisis: Los Angeles and SF under snowy conditions

Picture: Reuters

On Friday morning, San Francisco set a new record low temperature of 39F (4C), breaking a 132-year-old record. Meanwhile, blizzards, winds, and floods have put tens of millions of Californian residents under warning.

The storms have caused power outages for almost a million properties across the state, and the West Coast's main highway, Interstate 5, was partially closed south of the Oregon border.

Even Los Angeles, known for its palm trees and sunny boulevards, is experiencing its first blizzard warning in over thirty years. Although a snow flurry around the Hollywood sign on Mount Lee brought delight to the people of the city, the situation elsewhere in Los Angeles County is less pleasant.

North Hollywood has experienced flooding that trapped cars, and authorities are warning of widespread flooding in other neighborhoods. The National Weather Service (NWS) is predicting significant mountain snowfall on Friday night and early Saturday, which could cause major disruptions to travel and infrastructure.

The NWS also cautions that downed trees and power lines are possible, while even lower elevations may receive significant snowfall, which is unusual for these areas.

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