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Communist party centenary; ‘China will never be bullied’: What you need to know

Picture Courtesy: South China Morning Post

1. Addressing the mass gathering to mark the centenary of the ruling communist party, President Xi Jinping warned, China will not allow itself to be bullied and anyone who tries will face "broken heads and bloodshed".

2. He emphasized the party's role in bringing China to global prominence and restoring its dignity after taking power.

3. He also said China had restored order in Hong Kong and reiterated its determination to bring self-governing Taiwan under its control.

4. Though Xi did not mention that China is in a deepening rivalry with the US for global power status and has clashed with India over their disputed border.

5. China claims on unpopulated islands of Japan and almost all South China sea and threatens to invade Taiwan, with which the US has boosted relations and military sales.

6. Recently, China has been criticized by the world over the violation of human rights, its crackdown in Hong Kong and hiding of coronavirus theories.

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